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Monday, May 02, 2016



img 6534Be welcome to betetero's trailers. On this site, I collect all my experiences in the manufacture of trailers for road and mountain biking. Undoubtedly is the most satisfactory alternative to traditional transport methods. Its use in any type of bike is a step forward in comfort and safety driving, whatever the configuration of the route you choose  or whichever type is your bike. It is also a step forward technologically compared with other models on the market. One of its main features in addition to the dynamic behavior, is that it weights around 40% less than any of its competitors. Furthermore, its construction is modulated by machined parts and then assembled and there anren,t weldings succestabe to sufer fatigue, making it virtually unbreakable. The adapting to its handling does not require any prior technical or practical skills, and its use has no more secret than to load it and  only worry about pedaling and enjoy the route. With an Evo hitched to your bike you will ever forget you are wearing something behind you. The absence of "bad feelings" that produces normally the load, will cause you to turn on time to time to ensure that it is still its  behind you "


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catia1The latest industrial design programs have been used to  bring to reality the theoretical concept that these trailers are  based on.

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logo iso 3And a theoretical calculation by computer, can only be realized in an absolutely precision by leading industrial technology

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animacion pieza catiaBut nothing can be guaranted if its not tested, although if the product has been created by an advanced design computer or by a modern production process with quality certified

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Welcome to Betetero´s trailers

The website of the trailers that have revolutionized the concept of how to carry baggage on a mountain bike. An original way to carry the load for all types of grounds without the negative effects of the weight that make you forget about the pleasures to which you are used in handling your bike.

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Travelling with the Evos

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